Coastal Chic Tableware Package

Receive 10% off hire items when you take out a complete tableware package. Price quoted already includes discount.

Coastal Chic Tableware Package includes the following for one place setting:

  • Dinnerware – white scroll plates with choice of 2 course (main & dessert) or 3 course (entree, main & dessert). Can be swapped for white petal or white coupe dinnnerware.
  • Cutlery – brushed gold contemporary cutlery with choice of 2 course (main fork/knife and dessert spoon) or 3 course (entree fork/knife, main fork/knife and dessert spoon)
  • Glassware – 3 piece set of timeless wine glass, water tumbler and champagne/cocktail coupe (coupe can be swapped for flute instead or removed if not required). Can be swapped for clear ripple glassware.
  • Napkin  – white woven (can also be swapped for white waffle or white linen napkin)


You can also add on complementing linen & decor items including:

  • Natural White Tablecloth
  • White Woven Table Runner
  • Clear Candle Holders
  • White or Clear Vases


Please add these items separately to your order wishlist.

No florals or candles are included in the tableware packages.

$19.44$24.03 excl. GST

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